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Ask for information about our Waldorf school located in Premià de Dalt in an idyllic location with more than 10,000 m2 of natural surroundings. In addition, we have the most qualified teachers for the care, development and education of the children. We are a community of families and teachers that currently offer educational services from Primary to the 4th class and Playgroups from 3 to 6 years old.

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Krisol Waldorf Steiner School

“Education is linked to the awakening of consciousness”
Rudolf Steiner



The Waldorf method is comprehensive, it implies knowledge of the individual nature of each child, methodology and content appropriate to the corresponding evolutionary stage and a balance of intellectual, artistic and manual skills. For Waldorf teachers, the most important thing is not what is taught, but how it is taught. The educational program created by Steiner is based on the child, on exercising the capacities of the human being: thinking, feeling and acting, for this, the teacher is an artist of education.



We place the children at the center of our work. Around them, The school Board is the one who has the responsibility of their accompaniment and education. Embracing both of them, the families are the ones who sustain the work of the Board economically and with our tasks so that it happens in the most optimal way. This is our commitment as associates.

We are currently an international community of 80 children, 12 faculty members and 60 families.



We are in Premià de Dalt, about 20 km from Barcelona, in a 10ha farm and a large neoclassical building with three floors and 700 m2. Outside, two large areas for recreation. For children from 3 to 6 years old there is a meadow, orchard, chicken coop, sandpit, cave, swings in the fig tree, wooden house … The primary garden has a flowerbed area with majestic trees and plants and a forest area with psychomotor structures, sandpit, living cabins, houses … A paradise where the imagination can run wild and create.

The Krisol Waldorf Steiner education project has




Rudolf Steiner

“When a child can relate what they learn to their own experiences, their vital interest is awakened, their memory is activated and what has been learned becomes theirs.”

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