We develop and consolidate a Waldorf Primary School

and create a Primary School based on the current Playgroups

Our Organization implies us all

and give an example to the children how to work severally

Krisol is a school for the whole family


Children and adults learn and evolve individually and collectively




Krisol, un espai per al infantsIs a is a non- lucrative association in Premià de Dalt, Barcelona. At the moment it manages and develops an ” Espacio Infantil de Atención Diurna” which is a daycare space for children (2 playing groups from ages 3 to 6, corresponding to kindergarten grades) and also the Escola Krisol Waldorf-Steiner (primary school)

We call Krisol our two play groups and our Krisol School Waldorf-Steiner primary school.

Krisol Waldorf-Steiner School is defined as multicultural place, it follows Christian-inspired festivities as part of the Catalan tradition and welcomes all kinds of religious beliefs or non confessionals.

Krisol forms part of and is rooted in the socio-culture of Catalonia, therefore, the customs and traditions of our village and our culture are present and can be seen reflected in the pedagogical activities.

The vehicular language of the school is Catalan, Spanish is also present in the form of stories, poetry and songs in different subjects such as Castilian language, eurythmy and arts and crafts.

Krisol belongs to the Xarxa d’Iniciatives i Escoles Waldorf de Catalunya and attends quarterly meetings. It is also part of theAsociación de Centros Educativos Waldorf Steiner.


History and current situation

Krisol was born from group of families that in 2004 decided to unite as an association with a common goal: to create a space where the natural developmental process of children is respected so that they can build solid foundations in their relationships with themselves and with the world.

The association initiated in a tennis club in Premià de Dalt. Later a farm was remodeled in a farmhouse, where they were for ten years as a Playgroup.

Since the summer of 2016, the school has been located in a manor house (Can Ballet-Villa Matilde), about 20 km from Barcelona. It is an estate of about 10 hectares and a large neoclassical manor house with three floors and 700 m2. Located in a rural environment, its location is a privileged one.

In the exteria are the spacious and splendid gardens, one of the identifying features of our school. A part of the gardens make up the outdoor space of the Playgroup constituting in a meadow, a vegetable patch, a chicken coop, a sandpit and flower gardens that the children help the teachers to care for. They swing under the shade of a generous fig tree and use the wooden construction materials for anything that their creativity imagines. The Primary garden has an area of ​​flowerbeds with majestic trees and plants that have embellished this estate for many years, and that are maintained and protected to make it so for many more years. It also has a large area with psychomotricity structures, a sandbox and a willow house that delight the primary children, a haven of paradise where they can be creative and let their imaginations run wild.

The interior space of the Playgroup is located on the ground floor of the building. In the spacious classrooms, each detail is carefully prepared to aid the healthy development of children, from the colors and quality of the paint on the walls, to the lighting, furniture and toys.

The Primary classrooms are located on the first floor, purposefully separated from the Playgroup. In them, as in the Playgroup, everything is prepared to accompany the children at this developmental stage, with the same attention and care. Nothing is done or arranged randomly. The pioneer group will begin the third Primary class in the school year 2019-2020. The upper classes of Primary will be located on the second floor in the future.


As Krisol is a joint initiative, the involvement of families in the organisation and management is crucial for our operation. Thus, the families organise themselves to perform all the tasks that allow them to offer the best for the children. The double movement of giving and receiving has a place here, when a note is given to the the symphony of Krisol, it is increasingly harmonious and this echos in our children and in the families. We enrich and we are enriched.

To this day we are an international community of 80 children and 60 families.

For optimal success we place the children at the center of our task. Around them, the Teaching Faculty members are the ones responsible for the accompaniment and education of the children. Embracing both, the families are the ones who sustain the Faculty both economically and with our tasks. This is our commitment as associates.

The families are involved on many levels: they can be board members or they can participate in a school commission that best suits their personal profile. Being a type of education that does not receive any state support, all aid is reflected in less expenditure.

To distribute the work, we organise ourselves in the following way:

The Board: the role of the board is to make the necessary decisions that guarantee the smooth running of the group and to watch over it. The board is made up of an equal number of parents as teachers. The presence of the representative families on the board rotates and is totally voluntary.

Areas of work:Commissions that are constituted by members of the association:

  • Internal Organisation
    • Finance
    • The Solidarity Fund for Economic Aid (scholarships)
    • Maintenance (building, garden, allotment)
    • Cleaning
    • Welcoming Commission
    • Communication
    • School Commission (projection of the future)
  • External Projection
    • Communication
    • Fundraising
    • Celebrations and workshops
    • Crafts (crafts, wood, clothing)
  • Services
    • Secretary
    • Wrap around care
    • Holiday club
    • Library

We have other opportunities of meetings between the families and teachers; in which, in addition to working, we share and get to know each other more.

KCD: Krisol Crea and Decide are monthly meetings, where members are informed of the progress of the tasks corresponding to each commission and where to participate and to know first hand the development of the association and the educational tasks that are carried out. The meetings take place one Friday afternoon a month during the school year.

Family work days: they have the purpose of carrying out the maintenance and cleaning of the different spaces of the school. They are extraordinary days of work over three Saturdays in the year, in which parents, carers, children and teachers meet to do the tasks together. Besides working, we enjoy meeting and the children learn to collaborate in the care of the school together with their parents.

Fairs: The life of the entire school community is enlivened by the celebration of seasonal festivals. The fairs are a moment in which the school opens it´s doors to show to the outside world and make new participants of the educational project. There are four annual fairs including the open day. Stalls of crafts, books, second-hand clothes, food prepared by the families, workshops, stories and other activities make up a day in which we enjoy and strengthen links between us and with those who participate.

Pedagogical meetings: meetings are led by teachers, a space where families can learn more about the Waldorf pedagogy, ask questions and express concerns about the children.

School for families: Talks or family workshops where a member of the Teaching Faculty or an external expert speaker visits for the self-education of the families and the organism.

Faculty of teachers:the teachers meet once a week to study and deepen pedagogical issues, evaluate the functioning of classes and the behavior of children.

Assembly:given that Krisol has the legal form of Association, the assemblies must be held twice a year, once at the beginning and once at the end of the school year to approve budgets and plan the next course.

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