Pre-registration at Krisol Waldorf Steiner School

If you want to join the waiting list of our school, fill out the form in this section and we will contact you to arrange a visit. You can find out more about the school by clicking on the following link.


* Currently there are no primary places left, you can join the waiting list of our school.

There are still places at Play Group.

Admission process:

  • Individual interview with teachers: here is the pedagogical information
  • Interview to report on the operation is done with family members of the school.

    Com has conegut Krisol

    Krisol Waldorf Playgroup

    The Krisol Playgroup is a space made up of children between 3 and 6 years old.

    At this vital stage, the goals of Waldorf pedagogy focus on developing children’s senses through imitation and allowing them to experience community life marked by rhythm and experiences in an environment of respect for others and the world that surrounds them. (+See more)

    Primary Waldorf school until the 4th year.

    Escola Krisol Waldorf-Steiner develops its educational work in the primary school taking into account the characteristic premises of the pedagogy: it favors important transversal connections between the various thematic areas and between the subjects of the main classes.

    Each class is a complete artistic ensemble where the parts relate to the whole, and the ensemble is imbued with rhythm, structure, and meaning. (+See more)

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