Besides being a school


Krisol is an international community of people compromised with education and social transformation

it is a project where children are at the center


where adults, families and teachers grow every day

Krisol is an organism rooted in fertile land.


inspired by an ideal and open from the heart to the environment and people to share, love and educate


A primary school


in which art and beauty are conductive threads of all learning


Children's Play Groups


where the rhythm, the natural elements and the individual accompaniment of children are present.


A school to grow


that allow each one to blossom


The playgroups are spaces for children between 3 and 6 years old Following the Waldorf Pedagogy, we take into account the developmental stage of the children, offering them rhythms, images, stories, the duality of activity and calmness, daily contact with nature and other characteristics of the methodology. We have two classrooms (and a third to be) named Roure and Arç, each one with two teachers and an assistant and 20 children.

We are new a primary school and our pioneer group is the one who leads the way from 1st grade to 6th grade. At the moment we have first, second and third grade. The Waldorf Pedagogy favors the important connexions between the main subjects and the thematics in class. Each class is an artistic mix in which the parts relate to the whole, and the whole is permeated with rhythm, structure and meaning.




This next Saturday 23rd, Krisol is reopening its doors for the Micael's Fair. After a year without fairs, this year we share all the goodness, beauty and truths of this autumn time in the rhythm of our school. This is the Program: 11h: Start 11.30h: Table tale 12h:...

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Waldorf Pedagogy School


Krisol,un espai per als infants, is a non- lucrative association managing a daycare space for children (2 playing groups from ages 3 to 6, and also the Escola Krisol Waldorf-Steiner (primary school).

Both our playgroups and our primary school follow the Waldorf Pedagogy We are in Premià de Dalt (Barcelona).

We call Krisol our two playgroups andEscola Krisol Waldorf-Steiner our primary section.

As an association, Krisol is an organism that, through a joint educational effort, offers learning, growth and development experiences to families, teachers and individuals. These experiences allow new social ways that grow and stay protected by the project.Waldorf Pedagogy is not only an educational method, it is actually a tool for social transformation for all of us.


What is the Pedagogy of Waldorf?

The Waldorf pedagogy is a system of education initiated by Rudolf Steiner, outstanding philosopher, sociologist, educator and scientist, at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1919 the owner of the Waldorf Astoria cigarette factory entrusted Steiner with the task of creating the school for the children of his workers. That is how the first school was born in Sttutgart, Germany.

This pedagogical system is based on a deep anthropological knowledge of the human being and its different stages of development, which allows teachers to always have an up-to-date viewpoint, thus attending to the true needs of each child, at each age, in each stage and place they are.

It is based on the daily search and understanding of the developing child: their physical body, their psychic faculties and their individuality, which is why educating requires of teachers a deep personal journey that enables them to perceive the maturing processes of their students so as to capture the phenomena of nature, scientific progress, historical and social advances of today’s world. (+)

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We dream of a sustainable future where the grass is green and humans live in perfect harmony with the environment. This utopic vision should not leave us feeling hopeless when confronted with the very real challenges of our times. Crisis like the ones we are facing...



We, Anita, Felix and our son Nico, are a family from Germany who emigrated from Germany to Spain 5 years ago. The Waldorf school Krisol was recommended to us by friends, whose two children go to school here. Our son Nico will be 3 years old next March and has been...


“Becoming” is the 3rd movie produced for the hundred anniversary of Waldorf Education. The awarded director Paul Zehrer shows a vision on the diversity in Waldorf Schools with its most diverse cultural, social, religious and economic conditions focused on early childhood. Watch more videos (+)

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