Our Association

We are an association of families, teachers and friends that in 2004 decided to unite with a common goal: to create a space that respects the natural process of development of children, their individuality and their rhythms, so that they can build solid foundations in their relationships with themselves and the world.

Since Krisol is a joint initiative, we organize ourselves to do all the tasks that allow us to give our children the best:

Board: The board’s role is to make the necessary decisions that ensure the proper functioning of the group and to ensure that it operates properly. The board is made up of an equal number of parents as teachers. The presence of the representative families on the board rotates and is totally voluntary.

Working Areas: To distribute the work so that Krisol optimally works, we form commissions that are made up of members of the association. These commissions are rotary in nature too.

  • Financial Commission
  • Maintenance Commission (building, exteriors, vegetable garden and garden)
  • School Commission
  • Welcoming Commission
  • Celebration and workshop Commission
  • Future Commission (Communication and Resources Income)
  • Arts & Crafts Commission

There are also individual tasks that can be assumed by two members:

  • Extra-hours Commission
  • Library
  • Secretary (physical and virtual)

We have other opportunities of meetings between the families and teachers; in which, in addition to working, we share and get to know each other more.

Family working days: These are extraordinary working days, usually on Saturdays, in which families and teachers gather with a general maintenance purpose like cleaning the space or any other work that is necessary for the proper functioning of the school.

It is also essential to have a space where we can meet to discuss pedagogical issues, how Krisol is working, or just share information.

Teachers Faculty:the teachers meet once a week to study and deepen pedagogical issues, evaluate the functioning of classes and the behavior of children.

Assembly: : A meeting at which all members of the association are called. Every year we have two assemblies, one at the beginning of the course and one at the end to organize the next school year.

Pedagogical Meeting: These are teacher-led meetings, a place where families can get to know Waldorf pedagogy better, ask and express their concerns about their children.

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