Hello my name is Ramune. We are a German, Lithuanian Family with two children. My daughter Stella is 6 and my son is 4 years old.

As a foreign family not speaking the language, we had a tough time understanding the schooling system in Spain. We looked at different schools for my daughter before. We thought we can’t do anything wrong and we chose a private local kindergarten for my daughter. I did not have a good feeling from the beginning but I thought maybe it was me being a helicopter mama and not letting my child go. I found out later that within 3 hours in Kindergarten my 2 year old received a cookie if she cried, and had a 20min educational kids program to watch. Being very disappointed I started questioning the system and talking to many people and their experience. Finally I got to meet one mother from Krisol and she told me so much good information about it that a few weeks later we joined the school. Today we are 3,5 years at Krisol and very happy.

Krisol for my kids is a beautiful place to grow and develop. Lots of green space to move around and to play. Despite the language struggle, my kids adopted so well. As a foreign family we felt welcomed and became a part of the community.

Over the years as a mom I’ve seen so many positive aspects about the school. At a young age, children are raised with empathy, care, and compassion. My kids love those little details that teachers teach them.

The teachers have so much patience and the little ones always look forward to sitting in their arms and hearing a story or singing a song. Children and parents take care of others, empathize with others and take responsibility for them.

Children are treated with lots of love, respect and they are treating others that way. That attachment makes them more receptive to our values and teaching.

When my daughter started her first grade she was not 6 years yet and I was a little concerned about the first grade and the languages. But she is doing just so great, absorbing whatever she is capable and enjoying learning at her own pace. She loves her classmates and her teacher. They look like they are all brothers and sisters.

We can not be more grateful.


May, 2021


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